Sunday, August 12, 2007

A week long road trip across California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona and back. Rode for two days with Joy dutta and Priti and was the lone wolf for the rest of the trip. Nevada and its high lonely deserts definitely cast its magic on me. Montana looked lovely, although I couldnt ride much there. Wyoming was pretty and peaceful. Owning a ranch out there must be fun. erm.. not in winter maybe.. Utah was much prettier than I thought it would be. US 89 from Yellowstone through Tetons and down south beside the mountains is a great ride.
A long ride is almost like life. At the end of it, you just wish you had taken it easier, taken more breaks, enjoyed companionship, stayed for an extra day at that lovely campground instead of buzzing fast from one point to the other trying to see it all and getting on time.

About 2750 mi and 6 days.
The route

Check out Joy's blog and pics
Priti - the pillion rider on Joy's bike took some nice on-the-move shots. Check it out pics by Priti
She got a cool pic of me riding too. yay Moi

Merced River near Yosemite. Pretty river.

The sleek ST.

smooooth roads.

Climbing upto Tioga pass.

ok.. I forget the name. But a pretty blue lake. Someone just swam right across it while we were there.

All that sparkles aint diamonds baybe

Lake just before Tioga pass.

Lotsa silver mined outta NV. So silver state. Funny how the golden state and silver state are next to each other.

No one cares if you park the bike in the middle of the highway and take silly pics. erm.. there aint anyone there to care anyway.

In these deserts, one thing of beauty to the biker is the road itself.. I love camping in the desert

US 361 through Nevada is definitely lonelier than the loneliest highway US50. We saw 7 cars in 60 miles. Yep, I counted.

One dollar notes up the ceiling. The bar at middlegate, NV is an interesting place to be in. Check it out if ya pass by..

Around the old pony express route. It is amazing how those men on horseback covered about 2000 mi in 10 days or less. And through these unforgiving deserts of Nevada.

Campground at bob scotts near Austin, NV. The best campground in the trip.. and Free. I'm lovin NV.

That sure looks lonely.. doesnt it

Ok. I admit I have a thing for state borders..

Craters of the Moon, Idaho. weird place to be.. and hot. met a couple from canada who was camping out in the no-shade heat for a week doing voluntary service. some people..

Arco, Idaho. First town to be nuclear powered in the US. The kinda place where you just pass through. I stayed overnight though. I forgot to find out why there are huge numbers on that mountain...

Was this Idaho or Nevada.. I forget.

aint this Alfalfa? seen it all along one road in Idaho

Rain in the distance. Idaho

Montana montana montana! Couldn't spend much time in the state though.. Next time, Montana and Wyoming in more detail.

Inside yellowstone

Yellowstone again

The other end of the lake had a hot water spring. I bet this side was pretty cold.

This is that other end..

coyote or wolf? anyway, he was peacefully stalking some small animal with no care for the tons of tourists clicking pics.

american wild bison. didnt even bother to turn around to face the camera. I need my $20 park fee refunded.

scary dude

guess.. ? yep, the old faithful. dealing with the tons of tourists in the park is pretty tiring. There were about.. hmm.. atleast 500 people to watch this geyser go off. Hopefully first and last visit to yellowstone.

It rained.. a lot.. oh and see mom, the continental divide!

Grand tetons. A much better experience than yellowstone.

A pretty ride along these mountains. The only prettier mountain side ride was the US 395 going south from Reno. Sierra Nevadas are amazing.

Domestic bison in Wyoming.

That is where I stayed in Wyoming after riding late night with little light, through rain and frequent wild animals crossing the small road. Decided not to push luck any further and got in here. Wolfs den at the star valley ranch in wyoming. Nice place. A tad bit on the expensive side.

US 89 through Wyoming. Wonderful experience. The best road in the entire trip. Will try do the whole length someday

I got fascinated by rain clouds in the trip...

I got a shot of this huge rain cloud right overhead and got drenched the next minute. People in cars were giving me a funny look. Hey, rain clouds can be pretty too..

Utah.. and is that the ad for a mormon church? Wait.. a Harley ministry? Imagine priests on harleys. hah..

Rains showed lotsa love in the trip. Always giving me company in the last 2 days. I didn't mind it though. The ST didn't for sure.

Red rock canyon, UT

More red..

Bryce canyon, UT. Pretty impressive.

Jump already! Okay. not part of the trip.. but glider port in San diego. Fun place to hang out.

Birds over the pacific.

That is what I wanna do. Somehow hang gliding is more appealing to me than para gliding.

Tandem flight. $150 for about 30 minutes in air.